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Devotional: How To Live In God's Grace And Obtain His Blessings.

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Text: Genesis 6:8. "But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord."

Every human likes to be shown favor by whoever he/she looks up to or is expecting something from.

The giving party could be an individual or a group of people or even the government of the land.

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Favor comes by grace, and that shows that whatever is being given or done is not merited.

All humans are sinners, so we do not qualify to obtain anything from God on merit.

But through God's grace, He constantly blesses us.

Nothing is as sweet as living in God's grace. Tight doors are open and impossible things are made possible when God's grace is upon us.

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So how hard do we have to work and what sacrifice should we give to obtain the gift from God? The simple answer is obedience.

That is all we need. Those who live in God's obedience place themselves in a good position to obtain His great blessing.

Despite our sins, God remains loving and merciful though unhappy with our sinful lifestyle. So imagine how life would have been if we all had chosen to live in absolute obedience to God.

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Let us not continue in sin because God's grace abounds or continue using it only for repeated repentance from the same sins.

Rather, let us use God's grace for spiritual maturity and growth. Let us use God's grace upon our lives to free each other from their bondage of sin, lift them out from the depths of their troubles and encourage them to stand firm in Christ.

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Say these prayers.

1. Thank You for Your Grace, Heavenly Father, Gracious God, hallowed be Your name.

2. Thank You for Your mercies, favors, and blessings upon my household.

3. Oh God of mercy, let Your mercy and grace always speak goodness and mercy upon my life, for the rest of my life, in Jesus' name.

4. Oh Lord, my God, by Your goodness and mercy, turn every disgrace in my family to grace and honor in the mighty name of Jesus.

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