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Before You Sleep This Friday Night, Say These Words Of Prayer For Divine Protection

Our father who dwell in heaven,we worship your name. We give you all glory and adoration. We also thank you for your loving kindness over our lives. Without your love upon our lives,we are nothing. Some trust in horses and others chariot but we trust in the name of the Lord.

As we come to you tonight, we believe that you will answer our prayers from heaven above and you will show us mercy.


- Everlasting father,as I want to sleep tonight, I pray that you protect me with your mighty hands in the name of Jesus Christ.

- Oh God of mercy, I pray tonight that you will protect me in your mercy in Jesus name.

- I pray that the Lord cancel all agenda of the devil over my life in the name of Jesus.

- The spirit of the living God will surround me as I sleep tonight in the name of Jesus Christ.

- I pray that all the weapons of the devil would be made powerless over my life.

- I shall not have any reason to cry or mourn over the lives of my loved ones.

- During my sleep tonight, I pray that I shall not experience any bad occurrence in the name of Jesus Christ.


You are blessed.

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