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Bizarre As a Young Female Muslim Said She Shouldn't Have Been a Muslim

A young lady said she could not have been a Muslim for anything in the world if not that she was born into a Muslim family. She said this with what she regarded as hypocrisy in the religion whereby people who practice Islam do not live according to the dictates of Islam.

Fareed a social media influencer, said this in her Twitter handle sparking a lot of reactions from her Muslim followers who told her that she was not even needed in Islam because it was obvious she was not living according to the practice of Islam.

In her previous posts, the lady have lamented how the terrorism being perpetrated by few misguided Muslims have become a source of concern to the good Muslims. This is bad for her especially when people generalize that all Muslims are aggressive just because of a few.

Majority of Muslims who convert in Nigeria to other religions always cite terrorism as their major reason or reasons for defecting to other religions. Sometimes, some of them have to relocate from the north to the west or south of the country to escape from persecution and sometimes, harsh sharia punishment. Many have also suffered from honour killing for defecting to other religions. Fareed is perhaps afraid of the outcome of abandoning her faith, so she reluctantly clung to the religion against her wish.

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