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Two ways through which Satan destroys the destinies of men and hinders them from succeeding.

Success in life is the aspiration for everyone on earth. And God has always been a loving Father who never hides his goodness from humanity. Because He (God) reveals mysteries of success to his people through His Word, the Holy Bible.

However, God revealed the works of Satan to mankind through His Word in the book of John 10:10, which he (Satan) manifests to hurt man. God's intention in revealing Satan's works, is to warn us against falling prey to the Satan's snares.

Satan which also means slanderer derives pleasure in destroying people's destinies and hindering their successes, because Satan sees the bright stars of men in the spiritual realm. That's why he attacks men frequently with reasons in order to ensure that those shinning stars are destroyed.

There are two ways through which Satan destroys the destinies of men and hinders them from succeeding:

1. Creating enmity between God and man: Satan hindered the success of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden by creating enmity between them (Adam and Eve) and God through disobedience. And Satan is still working restlessly to ensure that men are frustrated by destroying their destinies.

However many people are wandering in poverty and unsuccessful state because they have made themselves enemies of God through disobedience to God's principles for success.

2. Cutting man's love for God: God from the beginning have proven to be a successful business Deity that never welcomes failure in His diary. Dwelling in God's love is also dwelling in success but Satan fights hard to cut this love by luring men to sin. Hence, God through His only begotten son, Jesus Christ revealed to us that any man that sins, has automatically stopped from loving God.

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