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2 Mistakes Most Believers Make During Fasting According to Isaiah 58

Fasting is denying oneself food for some time for some specific Christians. Fasting, however, is more than just abstaining from food. Fasting is a spiritual practice in which one abstains from food and other temptations to devote one's attention only to God and patiently await his arrival.

Most believers made these mistakes during their fasting period. Let me not conclude that I have understood what it all means. There's still a lot to look into. 

Furthermore, I have come to know that most believers make these mistakes while fasting. In this article, I will be giving 2 mistakes most believers do during the period of fasting.

1. Most believers don't spend their precious time in prayer during fasting.

There indeed are many other activities to carry out during fasting but we must not put aside prayer, as it is the primary purpose for fasting, so, we are supposed to be committed to prayer during fasting than any other activity. Let's not forget that prayer alone can not guarantee us our wish from God but prayer and Faith. The book of Isaiah talked about True fasting.

Isaiah 58, let me brief chapter 1: "said it loud and do not hold it back to you. Put up your voice like a trumpet. Declare to my people their rebellion and to the descendants of Jacob their sins". You can further your research on other verses.

2. Some believers don't realize that they are supposed to give food to the hungry ones.

God doesn't want anyone to fast for the sake of saving money or eating less because of it. He wants us to donate the food we shall no longer have to those in need. Doing so will demonstrate to God that you were sincere in your desire to fast. Especially if you live in a place where your meals are already cooked and no one noticed that you were fasting, this is a great idea. It's a blasphemous practise that ought to be abandoned. "Isaiah 58:7"

"Doesn't it mean giving to those in need and providing shelter for the homeless? Doesn't it mean dressing the naked when you see them and not running away from your own blood"?

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