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Working, Offering Service And Gifts Alone Will Not Qualify Us For Heaven - Pastor Kumuyi

Pastor W.F. Kumuyi, the General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry spoke to his members on, "The Prevailing Power Of Unwavering Faith" at a recent Tuesday Leadership Development Service.

In one of his subtopics, he spoke about, "Offering Gifts And Resources With Exemplary Faithfulness" and said that after salvation and reconciliation with the Lord, we can offer our gifts unto the Lord. Work without grace and righteousness of faith will do no one any good. It will not amount to anything. It has to be salvation first before offering your gifts and talents to God. This is when you can offer anything to God in an acceptable manner.'

He then said that the Lord is asking for your heart in genuine salvation first before you give anything to Him. This is required from all believers. The Pastors and leaders in the church have the duty to direct all members on how to go about their spiritual experiences. No one must reject the direction from God through them.

He then said, "The household of Stephanas were commended for addicting themselves to the service of God. They offered their gifts and resources with exemplary faithfulness. This is how we should all comport ourselves before the Lord. In offering our gifts, services and resources to the Lord, we are very conscious that we are not here forever but have the hope of heaven. God is looking at all we are doing. Working, offering service and gifts alone will not qualify us for heaven."

Finally, he said, "We must be saved, sanctified with the adamic nature removed. Jesus already suffered for our sins, so, we must commit ourselves to Him in our services, skills and resources. If we are not pleasing to Him, we will not reach heaven, not to talk of getting rewards."

Fast forward the VIDEO to 25 minutes for the sermon

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