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Prayers You Must Say This Night For Uncommon Breakthrough.

Prayer is the key to unlock every stronghold the enemy has put against us. The potency of prayers can not be overemphasized.

This prayer together with your faith will bring you an uncommon breakthrough as you match into a new month.

1. My father, my God I thank you for the grace to be among the living for the living dog is better than a dead lion.

2. Show me your mercy this day.

3. My father, my father, let my sins not be a hindrance to my prayers

4. My Lord and father, I am believing you to bring the right opportunities my way (Job Breakthrough).

5. My God give me the grace and strength to draw closer to you and seek after you.

6. Father, in my business show yourself might that men will see and give glory to your name.

7. According to your word in 1 Corinth 2:9, give me a breakthrough that has never been heard or thought of before.

8. The Holy one of Israel give me uncommon ideas to catapult me to the epitome of my chosen career.

9. Isaiah 43:19 says behold I will do a new thing, my father in heaven do a new thing in life and family for the best.

10. Father grants me an uncommon breakthrough in my health.

11. My Lord and Saviour put to shame anything that has hindered your breakthrough manifesting in my life.

12. Unquestionable Redeemer, every past opportunity that has eluded me for to my mistakes, father give me double for my lost.

13. Everyman, persons or group of persons standing as an obstacle to my breakthrough, uproot them by fire.

14. Every covenant, mistakes, sins that will hinder my breakthrough, Lord show me mercy.

15. By the end of this year, let me counted as those that enjoyed your divine encounter for an uncommon breakthrough.

And so my heavenly Father we thank you for all your children who took out time to present their cases to you, you are the God that uses a basket to fetch water just to disgrace the enemies and as their enemies have marked them for failure, my father anoints them for success.

Every area of their life they have suffered stagnation, you oh Lord that gave David divine speed to pursue, overtake and recover all, my father give them double grace to recover all they have lost.

Father, according to your word in Romans 9:15 you said you will show mercy on whom you will show mercy and you will have compassion on whom you will have compassion, father without your mercy, we are nothing, please Lord show your children mercy for an uncommon breakthrough in Jesus name we have prayed.

Kindly share with your family and friends so they can enjoy God's uncommon breakthrough.

Content created and supplied by: Mystical_Wondaz (via Opera News )



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