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Declare This Friday Morning Prayer Before Going To Work

All thanks to you God for the opportunity to see this weekend. Your words made me understand that he that dwells in the secret place of the Almighty God shall abide under his shadow. Father cover me with the shadow of your protection this weekend. Keep me away from the eyes of the wicked.

Protect me from the oppressive hands of the evildoers. Do not let their wicked plans for my life come to pass. Where ever they gather against me, Lord! Because their gathering is not of you scatter them.

Frustrate every wicked hand and effort put up to pull me down. Father, expose their evil scheme against me. Make me wiser than my enemies in all aspects. Give me foresight and make me vigilant concerning their plot against me. Do not let my enemies destroy me. Lord! When my enemies come in like a flood or fire against me lift a standard against them. Make their way fall into darkness. Confuse their languages wherever they gather to plan evil for me. 

I pray against evil arrows. Lord, destroy arrows of sorrows, arrows of sickness, of failure & disappointment, stagnation fired into my life. Likewise, father destroy every wicked device of the skillful which they uses to work against me.

Father, the heart and thought of every man is open before you, therefore, guide my every step towards people with the right mindset and good heart. 

It's never too late for you to do a miracle, hence give me a miracle that will put an end to my mockery. Make impossibility possible for me. Where others think me failure let me succeed. Divide every read sea stopping me from moving forward. Expose every conspiracy made to drop me to the mud. 

Make my heart your dwelling place. Help me to serve you better. Forgive my shortcomings and my doubts. Help my unbelieving heart. Every of my plan for this week which is yet to be actualized, father make things right for me. All these and more I ask in the name of your son Jesus Christ. Amen.


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