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Good News For Sinners

Hey wait, I urge you to read this article to the end , it is worth your time . Just imagine a life without grace, I guess you remember vividly the days of the old when God’s eye was too holy to behold iniquity. Don’t get me wrong, God's eyes is still holy until this day to behold iniquity but the presence of Jesus Christ as the mediator has given us abundant grace.

In this article I would want to share with you some important good news for sinners ( keep reading there is blessing attached to this article). Do you see yourself as a sinner, one who disobeys God by practicing what God says we shouldn’t do. Be happy its is not too late to retrace back your steps and seek Christ.

Life is beautiful, just imagine how beautiful the world is, imagine the beautiful tall buildings, mansions and cars all created by men. Then you ask yourself, if men who were created by God can build all this beautiful things, how much more God the creator. You can't imagine how beautiful heaven will look like, it is a place you don’t have to miss.

Am not here to bore you with too many preaching of the word of God , but I would love you to reflect on this, if after spending years on earth , after suffering here on earth, I believe you wouldn’t want to suffer in hell (God forbid) . Apostle paul says "shall we continue in sin that grace might abide" .Most of us are living under the influence of Fods grace.

The good news about being a sinner, is that you have the opportunity now to repent of your sins sand come to Jesus as your Lord and personal savior. Their is place specially prepared for all those who repents of their sins, and that place is Heaven.

I beseech you all ,who have fallen from heavily race to look into the cross oof salvation and be saved. Thank you for reading this article, may Almighty God bless you abundantly and crown you with heaven at the end of this earthly journey.

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Good News Jesus Christ


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