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Say These Powerful Prayers Today(16/07/20) To End Evil Ones And Receive Your Breakthrough

Today's Online Prayers


1) The evil hand that want to be feeding me with food of suffering, oh Lord cut such hand off today in Jesus name.

2) Where my life, business, marriage, etc are being tied down with judgement, mercy of God deliver me.

3) In the bondage where my life, business, marriage, children, etc is being kept, I want to come out, oh Lord deliver me.

4) The fire of God pass through my life, business marriage, etc today.

5) Every ear that do hear about my well being and thereby causing the battles of my life to become more stronger, oh Lord let such ear become deaf today.

6) Every good virtue that the enemy has taken away from me, I want to use it, oh Lord restore it back for me today.

7) The kingdom of slavery over my destiny, the Lord destroy you today in Jesus name.

8) The hand that is taking the revenge of my generation from me, dry up today in Jesus name.

9) The battle that wants to recreate me in a way that I don't like, oh Lord destroy it by fire today.

10) The battle that says that it will not turn back unless it disgrace me, oh Lord destroy it with fire today.

11) The spirit of suffering that I thought I've conquered, that rise up again, let the fire of God consume it today.

12) The battle that says I will end my life in tragedy, let the fire of God consume it today.

13) Anything/Person that feeds me food in in my dreams, let the fire of God consume them today in Jesus name.

14) The poison of the evil ones in my body that is hindering my testimony, be destroyed by fire today in Jesus name.

15) The evil load that I'm carrying all around, let the fire of God destroy it today.

16) Oh Lord, oppress my oppressors today.

17) The strongman in my father and mother's family that is oppressing me, be oppressed today in Jesus name.

18) The strongman in my family that swallowed my glory, vomit my glory today in Jesus mighty name.

19) The ancient covenant that swallowed my life, glory, business, marriage etc, vomit it today.

20) Whoever that wants to turn my life into a disgrace, let the sword of God destroy them today.

21)The garment of glory that the evil ones has remove from my body, oh Lord restore it back for me.

22) Every glory that has disappeared from my generation, let the fire of God restore it back for me.

23) Angel of favour, start working in my life.

24) The Angel that my life needs, oh Lord send him to me within seven days.

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