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Pastor Adeboye's Children that You Probably Didn't Know about

Although Pastor Adeboye has four biological children and several grandchildren, he is father to countlessly children. Apart from his biological children, the man of God, fondly called DADDY by his teeming church members and admirers, has children that you probably did not know about.

In this article, I shall reveal them to you.

Pastor Adeboye recently said during a sermon on Sunday titled ‘From Lockdown to Lifting Up’, that his critics should not to be offended with him over his comments. He said his comments are meant for his ‘children’ and the public.

In the sermon broadcast live via the church’s TV, Dove Media, the revered man of God said that if there was a way of preaching the sermon just to his children alone, he would have done that. Adding that it is not because he was selfish but occasionally, there were things one says to one's children that would annoy outsiders.

He said,

“Some people see the glory but don’t know the story. Some people see me and say all kinds of things. It’s none of my business, I don’t need to answer you; I just need to keep on riding high with my king. I’M TALKING TO MY CHILDREN, so others should not be angry with me. Before you take off, consider your landing."

Who are the people pastor Adeboye referred to as his 'children' here? Are they his biological children? Definitely not.

From his previous statement, it is clear that he was talking about his church members. It is characteristics of pastor Adeboye to call all the members of his church his children.

In Pentecostal parlance, pastor Adeboye is the spiritual father of all the members of his church while his church members are his spiritual children.

So, whenever pastor Adeboye mentions his children in the lord, he is talking about his church members. Now, you know.

What do you think about this? Please share your views.

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