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The 7 people that will be in the shade of Allah (GOD).

Assalamu aleikum brothers and sisters in Islam, let look at the seven people who Allah will give shade to on the day that there will be no shade except that of his.

So that at the end we can strive hard to that they used to do that grant them this privilege.

In Authority of Abu Hurairoh (may Allah pleased with him) reported the prophet (walla Allah aleihi was sallam) said "seven are (the person) who Allah will give shade of his throne to in the day there would no shade except that of his.

1.A just ruler

2.A youth who grew up in worshipping Allah.

3.A man whose heart is attarched to the masjid(mosque).

4.Two person who love and meet each and depart from each for the sake of Allah.

5.A man whom an extremely beautiful woman seduces (for illicit relation), but he (reject the offer by saying) I fear Allah.

6.A man who give in charity and conceal it( to such an extent) that the left does not what right hand give has given.

7.A person who remember Allah in solitude and wept up.

(Al-bukhari and Muslim)

May Allah gives us the ability to the above good deeds and may he grant us the privilege to be in his shade that day. Ameen

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Abu Hurairoh Al-bukhari Am Assalamu Muslim


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