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Say These 19 Prayers for God to Help You With the Most Relevant Things in Your Life as a Christian

There are many relevant things in life, and among them there are most relevant ones than the rest. These most relevant ones are not easy to get; or most importantly some people don't even focus on them whenever they are praying to God as a Christian.

If you want God to help you with the most relevant things in your life as a Christian, then say these 19 prayers with faith in him, saying them one after the other:

1. O God my father in Heaven, I thank you for the gift of life; for all what you have done for me and you are going to do for me. May you help me to forgive others and myself in order that I may look forward to my life positively in Jesus name.

2. O God, help me to follow you despite the challenges of this life; take me by my hand to draw me closer to serve you without season in Jesus name.

3. O my Father, I need your powerful grace to strengthen me in the mood of serving and glorifying your name through Jesus your son.

4. Help me God to have the strength and mind of overcoming any form of temptation that may come my way in Jesus name.

5. Almighty Father, I need you to help me not to define myself by the things of this world but by the spiritual and powerful things of yours that you want me to define myself in Jesus name.

6. O my Creator, help me to use your son, Jesus Christ, my Saviour and Redeemer, as my role model to aid me in following his path in his name.

7. O supreme God, help me by giving the wisdom to be able to resolve any kind of confusion or issues that may surface my way in Jesus name.

8. O fearless God, help me not to be ashamed or scared of sharing the love and message of your son, Jesus.

9. O God of love, help me to have a burning love and care for my neighbors as I have love and care for myself just the way your son teaches us to do; in Jesus name.

10. Almighty God, help me to focus on the right goals you want us to focus that lead to salvation in Jesus name.

11. O Father, as it is written in the Bible, 'Seek first the kingdom of God, and every other thing will be given to you,' so I need you power to help me to seek and focus on your kingdom through focusing thoroughly in you before you will add other things in my life; in Jesus name.

12. My God, I need your help in my life to give me the burning desire of serving and glorifying your name that can never be quench by anything in Jesus name.

13. O God, help me to believe in you despite all the tricks of the enemies through my neighbours in Jesus name.

14. O my Father, deliver me from the plans and works of the kingdom of darkness from every angle of my life by destroying all deeds and plans in Jesus name.

15. Almighty King, help me to be sincere with everything that has to do with you to enable me worthy of keeping and working toward you in Jesus name.

16. O God the Father, help me by giving your spirit of the knowledge of the truth and positive decision making in everything I will decide in my life in Jesus name.

17. Father of the words that are found in the Bible, help me by giving me the zeal of reading and understanding of the Bible in your rightful way that pays, and to also enable in me the act of making use of the words I have gotten from the Holy Bible in Jesus name.

18. Everlasting Father, your son, Jesus Christ, come into this world and died as the result of the love you have for us. Help me father, to love you very much without minding whether my physical body is decaying or not, but to focus on your love and my spiritual being in Jesus name.

19. Father, help me also to be very grateful and thankful to you from the bottom of my heart for all what you have done for me, for you deserve even more than it. Thank you Father, thank you Lord; for in Jesus' most Mighty name I have prayed, Amen.

All the above requests are suppose to be asked from God by all of us, the Christian, but it is very unfortunate for most of us are not aware or our attention is already captured by the devil, making our lives too earthly than heavenly. As a result, devil has made our lives a disappointment than a blessing, a sorrowful life than a joyful life. Click here to say this prayer for God to Change all your disappointments and sorrows into the things of joy, happiness and blessings.

Additionally, Father, help us to delete our names from the book of hellfire and write them in the book of heaven.

Lastly, the Lord is our strength and we will never fail for he is with us should always ring in us. And, don't forget to share with others; you are free to comment what you have for us; click on the like and follow buttons.

It is well.

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