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Sunday Morning Powerful Short Prayers Points You Should Say Before Talking To Anyone (19/07/2020)

King of kings, the Lord of lords, the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end we your children have come once again to give you praises for making us see another glorious day and a special week God accept our gratitude in Jesus name.

Say these prayer points before you talk to anyone today

1. Oh Lord favor me this week let my helpers locate me easily in Jesus name.

2. Oh Lord bless me in abundance and promote my work, business and career in Jesus name.

3. Oh Lord every weapon fashion against me from the kingdom of darkness to battle me this week God render it useless in Jesus name.

4. Oh Lord show me the plans you have for me so I can grow in faith and not be swayed by the devil in Jesus name.

5. Oh Lord every evil spiritual serpent sent to bite off my success this week God crush its head in Jesus name.

6. Oh Lord every mirror or pot used to monitor my life progress from satanic kingdom break it into pieces in Jesus name.

7. God I know I am a sinner come to my aid and forgive me this morning so I can enjoy all your promises for me in Jesus name.

Stay blessed and fulfilled for in Jesus most glorious name we pray, amen!

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