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God Is Always There For You

Once Swami Vivekenanda was traveling by train, in same compartment a rich business man was sitting just next to Swami Ji.

Rich man who was traveling with him was helping himself to varieties of eatables. He was saw that Swami Ji was carrying nothing and seemed tired.

(Being Sanyasi, Swami Ji had control over senses. During his travel, Swami Ji could travel by train only if his ticket. Otherwise, he had to travel on foot. He had to starve most of the time for he had no money.)

Rich man thought for a while and then spoke to him tauntingly, “You are an idler, you wear the saffron cloths only because you do not want to work. Who will ever feed you?

why don’t you work and earn like me? With money you can buy anything to eat or drink.”

Swami Ji who hadn’t eaten for two days, didn’t responded.

There at the stations a sweet seller was waiting for someone with trays full of sweets and delicious food. As soon as Swami Ji stepped down from train, sweet seller went to him and offered him trays full of food and sweets.

Swami ji asked him, “Why are you giving me all these ?

Sweet seller replied, “While I was sleeping I’ve had a dream. In dream Lord Ram himself introduced to you and told me to give food to his starving devotees..”

Swami ji shed tears of joy, for the love God showed on his devotees. Rich man who was standing just behind Swami ji saw all was put to shame.

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