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Dear Muslims, Here is All You Need to Know About Baitul Ma'muur (the Frequented House)

Baitul Ma'muur

Baitul Ma'muur (the Frequented House) is a house which is located on the seventh heaven, directly above the sacred House of Allah i.e Ka'aba.

The angels perform Tawaaf to it just like Hajj or Umrah to Ka'aba.

In every single day, seventy thousand angels visit it to perform prayer.

The House itself is mentioned in the Holy Qur'an, chapter 52, verse 4.

On the first heaven, there is a river made up of light called Hayawaan (River of life), each day, the leader of the angels JIBRIL dips into it and shakes his wings letting off seventy thousand drops of light. From each of these droplets Almighty Allah creates one angel. These Angels are commanded to perform salaah in the Bait-ul-Ma’mur. Every single day 70,000 angels visit it. This will continue on until the Day of Resurrection. As soon as they perform salaah, they come out from the Bait-ul-ma’mur never to return there again. One Angel from this group is appointed their leader and is given the duty of taking the other Angels to one spot in the Heaven where they will stand reciting the tasbeeh of Allah till the Day of Judgment.

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