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Why Nigerians Are Still Poor, Despite Having The Highest Number Of Churches In The World(OPINION).

Nigeria is a religious country. We are always too religion that sometimes we forget obvious life facts. Before the introduction of christianity by our colonial masters, it is said that we worshipped idols. With the saying that they are all man made.

Before i start this article, i want to let my readers know that i am a Christian and believe in a higher being called Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

But before the coming of the colonial master, our forefathers(igbo) also believed in a higher being they called 'Chukwu'.

etymologically, chi means 'god or spiritual being' while ukwu means 'great'. Despite having lower gods, they still had a firm belief in ',Chukwu' who was ultimate.

I guess they must have felt or seen the power of their 'chukwu ' somehow.

Today, nigeria has the highest number of churches yet we are still where we are. Just in a single street, you can find more than 5 churches.

Recently, the richest pastor in the whole world(name withheld) who is a Nigerian came forward and talked about tithing. According to reports, he said "tithing is an inescapable covenant obligation, prosperity not just wealth is impossible without tithing. When you are not paying your tithe, you are under a financial curse".

People are going hungry especially during the pandemic and they are talking about tithing. My quick qestion is 'is it not when you have money and have eaten that you can have the strength to think about tithing?'.

Obviously, i cant be hungry and have tithing in my mind. Never.

Futhermore, the richest people in the world today are not christians. Most are atheists, so why are they not in a financial curse?

Personally, i believe Nigerians are too religious. Religion has really eaten up our common sense.

I believe in doing good. Although tithing is biblical, there are some people that need that tithe more than the pastors.

I've been giving emphasis on tithing too much, in case you dont know what tithing is. It is the one tenth of your salary. So basically tithe is money.

I really think the reason we are still in square one is religion. Lets apply life principles more. Do good.

A blissful sunday to you all.

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