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Catholic Priest Raises Alarm

A Catholic clergy identified as Rev Fr Kelvin Ugwu a priest working in the remote villages in Malawi, who on constancy spreads the Gospel through his social media page (Facebook) with the handle Fr Kelvin Ugwu , has taken to his social media page to to alarm his numerous followers totaled at 28,000 plus of the recent disguised means used by scammers to plagiarize his work after making a replica of his page.

He thus warned further that on no account should any of his followers fall for any false plea on charity with claims to his name as he father Kelvin ugwu does not run any charity organization. This were his statement.

"This is not my happy face. I heard there are some persons that have created Facebook accounts with my name and with my pictures and are busy sending friend requests to people and asking them to pay money to an orphanage owned by Fr Kelvin Ugwu. Hmmmmm! 

If you fall for such message, in some ways it means you have not really being following me here online. I doubt if any priest will send such message to you. These people keep doing same thing, using priests names to scam people...from Fr Oluoma, Fr Mbaka, Fr Kelvin, Fr them.

Please, when you see an account that is just created, it is not hard to know. When you see such, please report it. By doing so, Facebook will pull it down.

And please, it is important to know that these people use fear and secrecy as tools. They will construct a message telling you that if you ignore it, something will happen to you. They will go on to ask you not to mention to anyone what you are doing, that it should be secret. Such message should immediately begin to give you a clue that it is a scam. There could be many other ways, but please always confirm very well before you pay money to someone, even if you think the account is genuine.

And if you are here on my list but your intention is to use my name to scam people, I just want you to know that you are EVIL. There are genuine ways to channel your energy to making money. Anyone that you have scammed using my name, unless you pay them back, you won't be at peace. Change from your evil ways!"

Some of his followers concurred to his statement as being true as many allegedly reported of almost being scammed but escaped the cuffs as father Kelvin has never mentioned anything to them about paying for child charity nor any funding.

These were the comments of some of his fellowers:

Father Kelvin continues to warn the public never to adamantly fall prey to such petty thieves but be strong in faith listening to the Gospel, and never to accept requests from any account with claims to his name.

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