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Christains Should Stop Paying Tithes To Pastors, It Is Not Mandatory (OPINION).

It is no longer news, that the issue of tithe has been causing an uproar in the nation, especially during this period of the pandemic, as most people are beginning to get tired of hearing pastors preach about paying tithes to God when most of the people that are supposed to be paying this tithe are out of jobs or even barely eating three square meal a day.

How do you as a man of God, make your members believe that if they do not do a particular thing, like paying of tithes, their blessings would or might not get to them, thereby emotionally blackmailing them. 

Most times due to the pressure some man of God put on their members and congregations, these people look for any means to pay theirs to God. So they do not get the bad image look. 

It's funny, that there is a record book for tithes, to checkmate does that have paid and those who have not, but no counselor or record book to ask these tithers where they get the money from.

In Nigeria, we have men of God, living very large, wearing the best clothes, and driving luxurious cars, with most of their children not even schooling in Nigeria.

Some of them even built schools, that 99.9 percent of their congregation cannot afford, with all these facts, they still want these members to pay tithe.

I am not saying paying tithes is bad, but do not make it mandatory on your members, to a part where they begin to feel like sinners when they cannot pay it due to no fault of theirs.

As a Christian and I know that this is what most Christian do too, I would rather give to the poor and needy they pay tithes to the church because of some of the reasons mentioned above. People who do not pay tithes to the church also get blessed, as far as doing good and helping the needy.

Following the scandal that erupted from what a particular Nigerian pastor tweeted, do you think tithes should be mandatory or used as an instrument to measure God's blessing, especially in these trying times, where people can barely afford three square meals a day?.

Please share your thought on this, would love to hear from you.

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