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Reasons why they pray to the Virgin Mary and not worship her

For years many have always had the misconception that members of the Catholic Church worship the Virgin Mary but that's actually not true because in this article, I will be changing and directing your mentality towards the right ideology.

Catholics only pray to Mary, we must all understand that there is a difference between worshiping and praying. The Catholics pray to her but they do not in any form present their worship to her as they worship only God. Catholics have a belief that those in heaven have the power to intercede for them so they always pray to Mary. Due to the fact that Mary is the queen of heaven, Catholics love to adore her.

Members of the Catholic Church love to adore her because she is the mother of Christ Jesus for even God him self selected mother Mary to carry his son in her womb because he saw her worthy of such so therefore Catholics adore and honour her because of her dignity, divinity and the way in which God recognized her.

The Catholics believe that Virgin Mary can intercede for them, they believe that they can pray to her for her to take their petitions to God so that it may be answered. They pray to her for her to go to God and pray for them but they do not worship her, please, let everyone keep this in mind.

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