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OPINION:If Suleman Can Command Angels To Deposit Miracle Money, Why Is He Still Collecting Offering?

We joke and play too much in this Nigeria. In my opinion, Nigeria is a comedy channel and should be added on DStv and Gotv as fast as possible.

What is Miracle Money that Apostle Suleman is fighting the citizens of this country for/over. Is Miracle Money verifiable?

Okay fine. What his God cannot do, does not exist, agree but I have one question for him and his church members/followers.

If Apostle Suleiman can command angels of God in heaven, to deposit money into church member’s bank account, why is he still collecting money (TITHES and OFFERINGS) from the same church members instead of commanding angels to send money directly to his bank account?

The country economy is down, heading into recession. Why can’t same Angels of Suleman salvage the situation? We need money! Let the angels pay off the billions of dollars we owe China.

They said Jesus performed miracle money while on earth. But same Jesus never collected Offerings & Tithes from anyone. He never arrested and intimidated anyone.

They claimed that the old testament is no longer valid, that the new testament is valid, so why still practicing what was written in the old testament (Tithe and Offering).

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