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Remember The Boys That Caught In Ikorodu T junction, This Is What Happen To Them

It happened at Ikorodu

They were told to start eating the Ebo that they were supposed to go place down at a T-Junction for their sacrifice to be accepted. 

Now let's understand what Ebo is all about. 

Ebo is feeding humanity and nature. From the beginning to the end of Ebo consist of prayers. Prayers targeted to help solve whatever problem the person is facing. Prayer for the person's friends and family, prayer for the community where the Ebo is been made. 

The right animals are included with Palmoil, Kolanut, bitter Kola and gin so as to accompany the prayers made by the person the Ebo is been done for. 

In other words, Ebo is the key to answering prayers. 

That's what these guys made and the Ebo is to be taken to a T-Junction but out of ignorance, the community beat them up and made them to eat the Ebo(sacrifice). 

Anyways, nothing is going to happen to those guys because they didn't eat poison, it may affect them in some other ways but not death. 

Now this is a war against what we believe and I hope all Traditionalist in Ikorodu and all across the world will not keep quiet while this go just like that. 

What if we(Traditionalist) also start making the pastors in Ikorodu eat up their microphones for using it to disturb our peace all in the name of praying? 

What if we start beating up evangelist disturbing the peace of our community with the "accept Jesus or go to hell fire" noise for theatening us? 

What if we start beating up those pastors who go to rivers in Ikorodu to wash the head of their people all in the name of deliverance? 

Dear fellow Traditionalist, this is war and it's time for us to fight back! 

     ~Concerned Isese Youth

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