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Let's Pray This Five powerful Prayer Points, For Good Luck And Protection

Heavenly father I thank you for all you have done for me, without your grace and mercy I wouldn't be here today. Thank you for allowing me and my family to this new day of this week, I place every of this week into you loving hand lord l. Please lord let your holy spirit guide and protect us daily. Heavenly father please keep your hand on us so no harm can be fall us in jesus name. Amen.

Heavenly father in this new week I will excell in everything that I do, nothing will stop me from shining, the level of blessing that I have never experienced in my life shall locate my in this new week in jesus name, amen.

Heavenly father I need your boldness in me to help me make the important decisions in my life, every decision I make shall be of your chosen to take me to my greater height in life in jesus name, amen.

Heavenly father I need your strength in me to make it out of any difficult moment in my life, and through your power I will be able to fulfill my potential as a person in jesus name, amen.

Heavenly father, your love for me is like a father's that wish well for his children, you thought us your unconditional love through jesus, lord I pray for your good favor in this life, give me the means and circumstances to care for my family, property and neighbour, let me and my families be thankful to you throughout our lives. Amen.

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