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Declare These Morning Prayers For Divine Favor From God(23/04/2021)

Almighty father we bless and glorify your name for your love and mercy, glory be to your Holy name forever, in Jesus'name. This blessed morning we request that you shower and flood our lives with divine favor, in Jesus'name. We ask that favor that will attract divine blessings, Promotion and elevation be our portion in the name of Jesus. Father, we decree that favor that will connect us with greatness, Breakthrough and Success shall locate us today by your mercy,in Jesus'name. We plead that your supernatural power shall connect us with dynamic favor that will catapult us to our next level of advancement and testimony in the name of Jesus. We ask that your favor will saturate our home and family today and connect our Marriages with happiness,joy and fruitfulness,in the name of Jesus Christ. Everlasting father, we demand that your favor will rest upon our body,soul and spirit today for dynamic healing from all forms of Sickness and pains, in the name of Jesus Christ. Almighty father,we demand that your favor shall envelop our children today and crown all their efforts with dynamic Success and breakthrough in the name of Jesus Christ. Wherever has been hindering and blocking your favor from manifesting upon our lives,be destroyed by fire in Jesus'name. Every mark of Wickedness distracting the favor of God from our lives be shattered by fire in Jesus'name. We ask today that divine favor shall connect us with destiny helpers today, in the name of Jesus Christ. We command that every anti-favor spirit working against our progress, success, lifting, elevation and breakthrough ,be crushed by fire in Jesus'name. Wherever our favor has been chained, I command the supernatural power of God shall crush all the evil chains, in the name of Jesus Christ. Father we pray that all our caged favor be set free today by your power in the name of Jesus. Father, we plead that divine favor will open doors of unexpected miracles and wonders to us today in Jesus'name. Almighty father, let your favor make helpers of destiny to remember us for good today in Jesus'name. PROPHETIC DECLARATION ON DIVINE FAVOR. [1] the Lord will flood your family with favor in Jesus'name. [2[ divine favor of God shall make way for your family today, in Jesus'name. [3[. Favor that will connect your family with destiny helpers, shall locate your family in Jesus name.   [4] the doors of favor that will catapult your family to your next level shall open unto your family in Jesus name. [5[ divine favor shall connect your family with dynamic Success and progress, in the name of Jesus. [6] favor that attracts Blessings and miracles, shall be your portion in Jesus'name. [7[ every power working against the favor of God upon your family, shall be consumed with fire in Jesus'name. [8] wherever your favor has been chained down,I command fire from above to crush the chain,in the name of Jesus Christ. [9[ I command your caged favor be released by fire, in the name of Jesus Christ. [10] divine favor will cause your destiny helpers to remember you today in Jesus'name...

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