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BLESSINGS: The Right attitude brings Sudden Blessings

BLESSINGS: The Right attitude brings Sudden Blessings

Abraham, a man with an upright-heart, a friend of God with uncommon level of faith, a man of absolute hospitality, a true carrier and embodiment of humility.

One of the major problems of today Christians is pride (Read Proverbs 11:2 & chapter 29 verse 23). When a man lacks humility, it will be very hard for him to accommodate people: be it in kind, in words or in general assistance & acceptance. In other words, humility precedes hospitality. God relegates the proud, but a humble man He promotes and elevate.

The basic tool Abraham used in getting himself keyed-into God’s blessings was “keeping a heart of humility” which made it easy and normal for him to accommodate anybody, even the unknown. Abraham’s kind gesture to The LORD’s angels was not his first, he has been displaying such attitude to people that even his nephew—Lot also learnt this from him as he unknowingly brought into his house the LORD’ angels his uncle fed earlier in the day. It was not a coincidence! (Read Genesis 19:1-3). This very encounter unlocked God’s promise for Abraham which eventually brought Isaac.

Many don’t even have problem accommodating people into their domain, but their visitors will regret ever coming based on the way they will be treated by their host(s). This shows there is a distinctive gap between being accommodating and being hospitable.

Parents these days can’t walk freely into the houses and homes of their sons due to the inhospitable attitude of their daughters-in-law. However, it is worth mentioning that some visitors have their excesses too, some in-laws especially mothers-in-law are outrightly bad.

Abraham displayed a very hard sense of humour by rushing out of his tent to meet the “unknown” a scene you and I would overlook consciously.

In Genesis 18:2, the Bible records “he suddenly noticed three men coming toward him. He sprang up and ran to meet them and welcomed them”. Looking at this verse closely, Abraham’s attitude did not involve any external push or instruction, persuasion or force toward these men. Which shows his in-built readiness to help and render assistance to any man regardless of their skin colour, nation, tribe or race they belong? So many Christians limits their assistance only to their relatives, people they know surely will pay them back in a better/bigger way at the long run. What a wrong motive and foul drive!

To spring up means to jump suddenly as if he was geared from within. 

Abraham as old as he was ran to meet men he had never seen before. What a passionate heart to help others!

He did not run to these men for fun, he met them and welcomed them (that is, Abraham derived pleasure and satisfaction at the arrival of these men into his tent). As a Bible student, this particular event brought Isaac about a year later thus opening the door for Abraham becoming the father of all nations through whom all nations of the world are blessed as promised by God. “Abraham blessings are mine” as we are fond of singing can’t be and can’t show forth in our lives unless we carry that very heart of Father Abraham whose hospitable heart brought him God’s divine blessing and promise fulfilled in Isaac. 

It is time for us to check and channel our lives in line with true giving, sacrifice and genuine hospitality.

Sister, are you like Sarah who followed all her husband’s instructions in catering and caring for “the unknown men” (The Trinity) or like that lady who prayed to marry a man without mother i.e. NO MOTHER-IN-LAW syndrome—me and my husband attitude, no visitor whatsoever! Forgetting that what goes around comes around. The choice is yours!

Prayer: God, give unto me a clean heart with the right attitude in Jesus Christ' name Amen

Oluwaseyi Felix Mounteaagle

Content created and supplied by: Mounteaagle (via Opera News )

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