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Pastor Kumuyi Mentions Five Things That The Devil Has

W. F Kumuyi, The General Superintendent of the Deeper Life Bible Church spoke about the things the devil have and how Christians can overcome the devil amidst all his antics. He revealed this in a teaching on idolatry and urged his members to choose who they will serve between God and Satan. He warned them against serving two Masters at the same time which could be understood as serving God and the Devil at the same time. You further explain four different things that the devil has and that Christians should never follow.

Firstly, the cleric said that the devil has a Doctrine. these doctrines are totally different from the doctrines that are kept for Christian to grow with in the Bible. Therefore the man of God want Christians that they should not go along with the doctrines of the devil. They are not hidden but they are open and we should totally avoid them. All their plans is to nullify the doctrines that Christ left for us. We should be careful and watchful.

Secondly, the man of God claim that the devil has Teachings. He has developed False Prophets who are spreading it around the whole wide world with the aim of deceiving Christians, thereby taking them to hell. These are signs of the end times so we have to be careful because they are all the teachings of the devil. All that is in the Bible are what we should follow because the devil is very cunny and has his mysterious ways of spreading his teachings. Christians need to be careful and watchful.

Thirdly, the man of God claim that devil also has instructions. These instructions are gotten from his teachings. They will definitely look real as some will compare them to those instructions that our Lord Jesus Christ left for us, but we should not be carried away by such and by the help of the Holy Spirit, we should follow instructions in the Bible.

The man of God also claim that the devil has practices. He came into the world to kill, to steal and to destroy. Those are his practices and we should not allow us to be used by him to perform these duties.

Lastly the man of God said that the devil has principles. He Is quite disciplined and principled which could be a major factor why he tempted Jesus when he knew he was weak. he kept his plan and took his temptations simultaneously but it took the word of god to silence him. That is what he needs and Christ defeated him with it.

In conclusion, we are to serve God and not the devil. There should not be any reason why we should serve the devil either directly or indirectly. God will help us.

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