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List Of Prominent Christian Leaders In Nigeria Who Have Accepted That Tithe Is Not Necessary

Charles Awuzie is a Cyber-Security Expert, CEO of Gemsbok Group, who lives in South Africa.

He took to his verified Facebook page to reveal the list prominent Christian leaders in Nigeria who have accepted that tithe is not necessary.

Prominent Christian Leaders In Nigeria Who Have Accepted That Tithe Is Not Necessary In The New Testament - 

1. Dr. Abel Damina 

2. Prophet TB Joshua 

3. Dr. Olukoya of MFM

4. Dr. Sunday Adelaja

Tithes cannot open the windows of heaven for a believer. 

When Jesus broke through the skies and ascended into heaven, the GATES (beyond windows) of heaven opened, and tongues of fire fell down from heaven a few days later. 

Jesus didn't lock that opened heaven again at anytime, and handed over the keys to 'god the Tithe'. Why should you pay tithes to have access to mere windows of heaven, when Jesus has placed you in heavenly places already? Are you a learner? I mu kwa anya? Or are you sleeping? 

If you are paying tithes hoping that it would open windows of heaven for you, trust me, you will continue to borrow money from people who don't pay tithes. It's a principle. Wake up. Open your eyes. An awakening has come upon us. Rise up in the light.

Because I see a very thick darkness coming behind the light, and those who refused to dive into the light will be swallowed up in that thick darkness. Give cheerfully, not fearfully. 

Pastors, start learning how to live beyond tithes. Eyes have opened whether you like it or not. The truth has prevailed! 

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