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Opinion: Read How Some Churches In Nigeria Are Keeping Their Members Poor

The church is a place of worship to God, the creator of heaven and earth. According to the Christians, they believe in the almighty God, and Jesus Christ who is the son of God.

In Nigeria today, religion plays a major role in the lives of almost every citizen. Although, most people may not know it, but, tithing shouldn't really be the issue of concern here of his some churches extort money from their members.

From my own opinion, some churches in Nigeria are making their members financially and economically poor, and their members keep getting poorer by the day.

Well, it's not a crime for the pastor to get rich and be wealthy, but where the lives of members are jot growing economically, it becomes a problem.

One thing that is now rampant amongst some churches in Nigeria that is not adding to the economic lives of its members is the hosting of programs.

I'm not saying that programs and crusades should not be held, but the rate at which a lot of crusades are all over the place and yet the lives of people are still not changing for the better is at an alarming rate. Makes one to wonder if the crusades are not leaving an impact in the lives of the people.

You walk done your street and you see banners all over the place with most of them being Church programs and crusades and you keep seeing them every week.

Now, I wanna ask this simple question. If churches spend more time and resources focusing on how they can empower their members economically as much as they spend more time hosting crusades, do you think that the lives of Christians would be better or not?

Now for a typical program that is quite small, if they wanna hold a major crusade, they would have to spend for logistics and if they don't have a good sound system, they would go and rent which costs money. They would also invite guest ministers to the program, and this will cost money as they will still pau for honorariums and the rest. The feeding of the guest minister is also included. Other things involved.

Now the cost of everything, it is from the offerings that members pay that the church will use to finance all these expenses. I'm not saying that the programs are not good oh, but what if churches reduce the crusade programs and also engage in powering their members economically, hand in hand as they share the gospel message to them on Sundays? That would make a lot more sense.

By so doing, for a lot of members, they remain poor and the churches they attend keep getting them poorer as they ate the ones sowing seeds for the programs being organised.

So in my honest opinion, if churches are doing crusades and hosting programs, and they ate not working also on the economic well being of their members, then they are only making their members poorer.

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