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Discover The Reason Jesus Chose Two Disciples Each From Three Families.

Jesus had several followers when he started his ministry. They were people who followed him after their healing and deliverance. Also, they were people who couldn’t just do without following due to the food they would eat. Others sought him because of the words of life from his mouth.

With all the huge followers, he chose just 12 disciples, who are otherwise known as early apostles. In selecting them, he chose two disciples each from three families, which are

1. Jonah’s family

2. Zebedee’s family

3. Alphaeus family.

In total, he called out six apostles from the three families.

In the family of Jonah, according to John 1:42, he chose Simon — whom he later called Cephas, Peter. Also, it is from this family, he chose Andrew.

In Matthew 4:21, Jesus called out two brothers from the family of Zebedee. That was James and John. 

Furthermore, he called another two brothers Matthew and James from the family of Alphaeus. The Bible confirmed Matthew was from the family of Alphaeus in Mark 21:4. More so, the book of Acts 1:13 confirmed James was from the same family. 

They were many families with Jesus when he started his ministry. Why didn’t he choose more families than the ones he chose? Perhaps, due to the number of the tribes in Israel. 

Mind you, for calling out two, instead of one per family, one could deduce the reason by studying the calling and the lifestyles of these families. 

When Jesus found Simon and Andrew in Matthew 4:18, they were working, as fishermen, on the sea of Galilee. In other words, he met them working. 

God despises lazy people. In fact, most of the prophets and pastors he called into full-time ministry were gainfully employed in reputable organizations with handsome salaries. Far be it from God, he doesn’t call people who are jobless seeking ways of making money from the offerings and tithes of the people.

More so, he found James and John mending their net when he called them. Let me correct one notion, it was not coincident. He knew they were hardworking, if not he wouldn’t have met them working with their father in Matthew 4:21.

Lastly, in Matthew 9:9, he found the first person, who was Matthew, from the family of Alphaeus. He didn’t see him in a party nor did he see him in gathering of sinners enjoying the luxuries they accrued unjustly. 

Whereas he met him working in the tax office. 

God loves hardworking people. Although the Bible did not record how the second Alphaeus, James, was called, I’m quite optimistic about his calling. He must have been called while working, too. 

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