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Heaven Over Me (O Lord, Open The Doors Of Heaven For My Sake And Change My Present Situation)

Man has the ability to run from place to place in search of solution to his problems. Despite the physical ability of man to look for what he wants, if the heaven over him is not opened, his labour shall be in vain.

In a day like this, you need to cry unto the Lord that He should make way for you first and foremost in heaven. When this happens minor efforts will yield maximum abundance that is more than what you need.

When heaven opens, multiple solutions will come upon you whenever any minor problems appears before you. 

When heaven opens, mighty warriors of heaven will fight your battle in places where your legs cannot carry you. You are hereby welcome to the day when your heaven shall yield success for you in Jesus name.


1. The heaven over me must yield to the original will of God for my destiny today in Jesus name.

2. The heaven over my head must rebel against the presence of demons around me in Jesus name.

3. Let holy fire from holy of holies fall and destroy evil angels operating over my heaven in Jesus name.

4. Let the power of the blood of Jesus begin to destroy every dark powers in the heaven over my head in Jesus name.

5. Every iron curtain over my heaven melt not by Holy Ghost fire in Jesus name.

6. Let the spirit of victory occupy the heaven over my battle in Jesus name.

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FURTHER STUDY l Deuteronomy 33: 12-14.

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