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If Christians Starts Emulating Jesus Christ, They Will See Muslims As True Allies~ Igho Hakeem

The popular human activist, Barrister Igho Hakeem posted on his personal Facebook page, says If Christians Starts following the world of God they will see Muslims as their true allies

Barrister Igho Hakeem said and i qoute " The only thing that is remaining in today's Christianity is it's opposition to Islam and Muslims. Remove that, half the population of Christians in Nigeria would be atheists and the other half would be 45 years and older. 

I rather live in a country with Christians than with Atheists liberals with their shifting values. If Christians starts emulating Jesus Christ, they will find in Muslims true allies against the ungodly agenda of atheists liberal. 

The problem with Islam today is the excesses of a few extreme fringe groups among Muslims. In contrast, the problem with Christianity is not just the activities of a few, it is the utter disregard of the teachings of Christ by the majority mainstream Christian. 

We cannot force you to believe as we do, but we can tell you that what you're practicing today is nothing like what Christ taught.

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