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Say These Midnight Prayer Points For God's Protection

Father thank you because in You I live, in You I move and in You I have my being. Thank you for the precious gift of life., Thank you for seeing me and my family through this week, thank you Jesus.

O LORD, awaken my spirit day by day unto prayers, help me to pray without ceasing tonight and beyond in Jesus Name.

In the Name of Jesus, I shall not be comfortable with sin. Father, totally destroy the the yoke of sin in my life in Jesus Name.

Father please take over my will, take over my mind, please take over my thoughts, tonight I align to your will in Jesus Name.

Father in the Name of Jesus, I disconnect myself from the pleasures of these world and I connect myself to what pleases God in Jesus Name.

Father in your mercy, disconnect me from every tie with worldliness, concentrate my heart, and circumcise my heart in Jesus Name.

Father, deliver me from the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye and the pride of life, in your mercy help the state of my heart in Jesus Name.

Father daily search my heart, let there be a daily circumcision of my heart, may my heart truly seek you in spirit and in truth in Jesus Name.

Father please deal with every lying tongue in my life, deal with every act of deceit in me, empty me of flesh in Jesus Name.

Father touch my heart and cause your word to daily bear fruit in my heart, in the open and in the secret in Jesus Name.

In the Name of Jesus, my spirit man receive the fresh fire of the Holy Ghost now, beginning from now, I will roar in the Holy Ghost in Jesus Name.

Father help my weak heart and give me the heart that can go through the fire of persecution, in Jesus Name.

In the Name of Jesus, Satan you have no place in my life, destiny, marriage, ministry, and family. The Lord rebuke you in the Name of Jesus.

Father in the Name of Jesus, I will not die while fulfilling destiny, I shall not be cut short in the journey of destiny in Jesus Name.

Father in the Name of Jesus, may I live to fulfill destiny, may I live a fulfilled life in Jesus Name.

Father, anyone that is not happy with my life, anyone that wants to see me cry, Father disappoint them in Jesus Name.

O LORD my God, let that pit the enemies are preparing for me catch them up in Jesus Name.

Father in your mercy help me to fulfill my calling here on earth. Father may I not die without fulfilling my calling in Jesus Name.

Thank God for answering your prayers.

We pray, in Jesus name

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Jesus Name of Jesus O LORD


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