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Powerful Prayer To Unlock Your Financial Blessings

Powerful Prayer To Unlock Your Financial Blessings

God is a forgiving and merciful God, whenever we need help, we have no one else to run to except from him.

But, in case we want his blessings without limit, we should pray and beg him, because he is a merciful God.

Prayer is a powerful key to Almighty God, and it will always remain the key. There is nothing prayer cannot do.

As you say any of the prayers below, I order that all the power that blocked your financial blessing, today such pleas will be destroyed in NAME OF JESUS.

1. Father Lord, I submit my self into your mighty and merciful hands, be with me, guide me and grant all my desirs in the mighty name of JESUS.

2. O GOD, wherever I step in my feet, may blessings find me, whatever I put my hands on, may it prosper in JESUS name.

3. O GOD, release all my blessings which were tied and secured by the demon in the NAME OF JESUS.

4. O GOD, make a financial breakthrough in my life, may my name be heard all over the world in the name of JESUS.

5. O GOD, bless me with intelligence, wisdom and wealth in the same way as you did for King Solomon in the Bible in JESUS ​name.

6. Father Lord, may my fervent prayers be answered and worthy to you in JESUS ​​NAME.

Type AMEN in the comments section below, if you believe in this powerful prayer

Also don't forget to share these amazing prayers to your love ones.

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