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Before Stepping Out Of Your House, Sanctify Your Day With These Prayers.

Sanctify your day with these prayers below:* 

This is the dawn of a new day and the first active day of the week, join me as we replenish in the everlasting grace of our heavenly father before stepping out of our abode.

Before we pray brethren grab your bible if you can, and start looking at Christ on the cross of Calvary. Erase all sorts of distractions from thy mind and surrender all to him totally in the spirit while you say these...

(1). Almighty father I thank you for the grace you gave me to be alive to call on you this morning, may you accept my thanks in Jesus name!

(2). You have surely walked me and my family through the first half of this year, may you not forsake us for destruction, in Jesus name! *

(3). Father, for your hand is always stretched to help the weak, I consider my self weak in your presence and strong against the world this morning, in Jesus name! *

(4). I demand for my portion of blessing running around for grace in every corner of earth this morning in Jesus name!

(5). Every spirit of Death, accidents, and bad luck in my journey in life today I rebuke with the power in the blood of Jesus my you lose your strength over my life, my family and relatives in Jesus name!

(6). As I walkout into the world may destiny helpers begin to locate me, in my office, workshop, market, in the vehicle and everywhere I go in Jesus name! *

(7) Thank you lord for you have you have answered our prayers, we return all glory to your Holy name, may you see us through today in Jesus name!

If you believe you have conquered today, say 3 powerful Amen* 

Remain blessed, please share this testimony to your friends and loved ones for circulative BLESSINGS*

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