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Apostle Joshua Selman Answers Tough Question From Interviewer – See What He Was Asked

Apostle Joshua Selman Answers Tough Question From Interviewer – See What He Was Asked

Apostle Joshua Selman, a renowned minister of the gospel, the founder and president of the Eternity Christian Network, ENI otherwise referred to as KOINONIA answers a seriously tough question from an interviewer online. His ministry is mostly attended by young and aspiring or potential gospel ministers, he does not operate as a church, but as a ministry.

Going through Facebook, I came across this 10-minute video interview with Apostle Joshua Selman where he gave reasonable answers to a tough question, a question many people would been dying to ask the man of God, especially with the many great teachings he has on relationships.

His crusades and fellowship, even his team of workers are mostly young and able ladies and gentlemen, the question is directed towards how he manages to stay on course and not get distracted by these ladies in the team, since he still unmarried.

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The interviewer, PD simply asked him, “how do you stay on course and cope with not getting married and all these young and beautiful sisters around you?”

Apostle Joshua Selman, gave a laughing response to the question as the interviewer, pushed further with the question, “I mean I know some men of God who also had to deal with the same experience before they finally got married, but how exactly do you cope with all the sisters around you, in your ministerial work?”

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Joshua Selman answered his question with this,

He said, “if all men would totally be sincere with the truth, marriages only to a certain extent reduces the rate of distraction and temptations from other women, it does not totally stop it.”

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Apostle Selman stated that there are five (5) ways men can follow and not get into such acts, not bringing themselves to the point of committing such a sin due to temptation, and that if every man would be honest and follow these ways, they would overcome any form of temptation as a result of the opposite sex.

He said, “I think the issue of ladies and sisters is not limited to whether you are married or not, it is only minimized when you are married, and that is what I believe and anybody who would be very honest”.

Apostle answered the question with these five points,

1.    Have a focus – having a focus helps you stay on course; you rarely have time to be involved with people so much that you get tempted or psychologically wired to be involved in any of such act.

2.    Build a community of like-minded people – thee people will help you be busy discussing important things that matters, not things that may lead to distractions and temptations. Community of like-minded people helps you keep your focus.

3.    Have a value and principles – having a value and principle helps you follow your course strictly, not having any troubles with fighting to overcome a temptation because your values and principles are built around not to fall into such acts, as being tempted to.

4.    Limit your compassion and emotional attachment to sisters – knowing too much about a lady, her condition and background is also a loophole, at some point, you will lose the ability to rebuke her of some acts, which may be detrimental to your own spiritual life and spiritual growth.

5.    Be sincere when you go to God in prayer – he said, do not go to God as a man of God in your private prayers with God. Go as you are and tell him the whole truth, them he can communicate with you fully also.

Watch The Full Interview Here

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