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10 Different Tragic Tragedies That Have Befallen The Modern Day Christians -Pastor Olukoya

On July 18th, 2021, Pastor Daniel Olukoya gave a very powerful message about the Glory of God in an individual's life. He even went on to deliver ten tragic tragedies that have befallen Christians today. I will be sharing these points with you.

1. The first thing he talked about was the lack of knowledge of the scripture. People don't know anything about the bible again, they only come to church on Sundays, and bible studies are a joke to them. This is a sign of a fallen Christian, if you pay a huge amount of money as tithe and you don't read your bible, you are deceiving yourself.

2. Concealed sins are also a big problem in Christianity today. People come to church and pray while they are chronic sinners and commit a lot of sins in private. They go to brothels and then come to church, the Lord is not ok with this.

3. Another sign is the complete lack of interest in evangelism. You can't claim to be a Christian if you won't reach out and preach the gospel of the Lord to the world. Some say that they are not in the evangelism department, but you must not carry tracts before you share the gospel of the Lord, you can spread the word through your lifestyle.

4. When you start looking for somebody else to pray for you, you are losing touch with your Christianity. You are supposed to have a strong altar that you can go and pray, you must not go around looking for miracle centers.

5. When you lack quiet time. Christians don't give time to God anymore, they only care about themselves.

6. When you fail to read Christian literature, you are also stunting your spiritual growth. Some Christians read lots of fiction novels but can't bring out time to read Christian books.

7. When you start to love positions in the church, you might be losing it. The goal is to make it to heaven and not the head of your department in your church.

8. One sure sign is an unjust love for money. When your love for money starts affecting the attention you give God, then you have started backsliding.

9. Too much entertainment. As a Christian, too much entertainment is not good for you because Christianity is a battleground.

10. The last and most important one is when you hear the word of the Lord and twist it to serve your own purpose. It is called being sermon proof.

Source: When The Glory Departs By Dr. D.K Olukoya


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