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Happy Jumat! Who Among Muslims Are Given The Privilege To Stand In The First Row Behind Imam salat?

Jumat is the holy day among all the days of the week, just like the month of Ramadan as the blessed and holy month of the months.

On this day Muslim are expected to dress neat and put on the best among their cloths and go to the mosque early before the imam recite the Khutuba (Speech).

When it’s time for any of the 5 times compulsory prayers in Islam, Muslims are meant to arrange themselves line by line and toes to toes behind the Imam.

In some Mosque, there are some set of people that already registered themselves as the rightful owner of that front row behind Imam.

In the area I grew up, all the Baba who are title holders in the Mosque will always want to occupy the front row behind Imam, it is always an issue if anyone tries to drag it with them.

This got me asking if it is somewhere in the Quran or in the teachings of Prophet Muhammad PBUH that the front row behind Imam is meant for some people in the time of Solat.

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