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Girl Lost Control due to Herb Overdoses and Had Astonishing Encounter with Jesus (video)

Girl Lost Control due to Herb Overdoses and Had Astonishing Encounter with Jesus (video) 

My name is Jenieva Loubega. As a teenager I was always searching for the truth. I tried meditation with Buddhists and I went to Mexico searching for the truth with Mayans. I always searched for my truth and I wanted to be set free and be alive, but I could never find it.

My aunt and my uncle always told me Jesus is the truth. I never took them seriously because I never felt the fruits from my Catholic background. That is why I always searched for what was going on beyond the church.

Later, my husband and I moved to Los Angeles because he had a music business and I was in acting school. One time, my husband invited me to Palm desert. Our friend Olivia was with us. We were like a commune searching for the truth.

One night, while we were sitting outside, my husband took out a pipe and said, “Okay, we can smoke this and then we get answers. Maybe you’ll feel better after this.” He said that it was salvia, a herb that Aztecs and Mayans take to reach higher beings and get answers.

I was in a crossroads in my life and something was missing in my heart so I thought it was a good idea.Olivia tried it first. She only had three shots but I decided to take eight or more shots of he salvia. I had a blackout. I was so scared! Because I had epilepsy, I got scared that something would happen to me.

The next day, I woke up at 9:00 am and everyone was still sleeping. I realized that I was still high. I started to panic. I went to the bathroom and tried to meditate. In my mind, I remember what my aunt said, “If you are in danger, call Jesus.”

I used to ignore her but for the first time in my life, because I was so scared, I screamed,”Jesus!”

And there he was. Standing in front of me. Beautiful. I never saw someone like him. The most beautiful eyes. No one has this color. I felt so small but he came down and looked into my eyes and talked to me. I never heard someone talking like him. He gave me all the answers I needed. He had this beautiful smile. He looked like a King. The King stood in front of me. He was so lovely, I have no words for it.

I was thinking about how many minutes he will stay with me. Then, he took the salvia and told me, “You don’t need to take this to reach me,. Just call me. Knock and I will open the door.”

And from that moment, I knew that he is the truth. The heavens opened and he went up to heaven. I saw the disciples looking down. The light and the love came down from heaven down unto me. “I want to go with you,” I thought. Then, a sif he read my mind, he said it was too early. That’s the place everyone wants to go! He went up and the heavens closed.

I woke up completely sober. I had so much freedom in my heart and I was so happy and thankful for that experience.

Watch video below :

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