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Say These Night Prayers Against Untimely Death

May all the glory and praises be unto Jehovah our peace, Jehovah our provider, we thank you for today's success and achievement, be lifted up in Jesus name. Tonight Father destroy and end every covenant of untimely death upon my lineage with fire. Whatever arrangements the enemies have made to cause untimely death on any member of my generation, be shattered by fire, in the name of Jesus. Every door of untimely death before my household will be consumed by fire. May every spirit of untimely death set against any member of my lineage be shattered and consumed by fire. I command that every covenant of untimely death upon my household be broken and shattered by fire. Tonight, release your warrior angels to protect and preserve my generation from the dangers of the night, in the name of the Lord Jesus. Almighty father shatter every agenda of untimely death against my generation in Jesus name. Every demonic coffin, arranged and organized for any member of my household, be set on fire. Let every trace of untimely death on any member of my lineage be wiped out by fire in the name of Jesus. Every connection and alliance between any member of my family and spirit of untimely death be shattered by fire in the name of Jesus. Father, deliver through your blood my household from the yoke of death. Let every garment of untimely death upon any member of my generation be crushed and mashed by fire, in the name of Jesus. Lord let your covenant of peace and long life begin to work and operate on my lineage in Jesus name. Let whatever is working against my healthy health and well-being be crushed by fire. Father tonight, open the door of your mercy to me, by your mercy do great things in my household in Jesus name. Eternal Father by your grace elevate my destiny into the higher realm of possibility and success, in the name of Jesus Christ. Almighty Father begin your great healing work in my lineage tonight, deliver every member of my family by fire from the chain of sickness and infirmity, in the name of Jesus. I command, divine intervention on my condition in Jesus name. Lord meet my generation needs tonight with testimony of great miracle and joy in Jesus name. Lord release your angels around my household and neighborhood tonight in the name of Jesus.

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Jehovah Jesus


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