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Make God Your Master Planner: Pray This Powerful Prayer This Morning For Miracles

Just reflect a bit on your childhood experience, you can see that as an infant you were incapable of doing anything for yourself, all you did were determined by Mon and Dad. They determined everything you do, they planned your programmes, where you are, went, what you wore, even what you eat. Psychology teaches that as soon you grew up, you face life and being to ask numerous questions like; Who am i? Where am I going to? What does the future hold for me? Am I going to marry? and so many. It was that time you began to plan for yourself.

However, there is a God who is in charge of today and tomorrow of our lives. Are you worried about God's plan for you? jut learn how to keep pace with his design, and he will reveal his plan phase to phase to your understanding. All our problems become nothing only when we look at the world with God's eye. By this you make him your master planner. By the time He becomes your everything, then everything will become nothing to you.

Now pray this prayer points:

1. Lord my master planner, i thank you for your involvement in my life, I thank you because you have a lovely plans for me.

2. I place all my personal and family plans into your divine hands (mention).

3. Glorify the name of the God in all that looks impossible for you to solve.

4. Lord I give my further life to You, please determine it for me, design it for me and bless it for me in Jesus. Amen

Begin to thank the Lord for all He has done for you, thank him for been your master planner.

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Content created and supplied by: CyndyEdeh (via Opera News )

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