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Saturday morning: make these declarations before starting your day

If there is a man to prayer there is a God to answer. It was written in the book of Matthew chapter 7:7 "ask and it shall be given, knock and the door shall be opened".It tell you now that every declaration you make shall come to pass in Jesus name

Every mandate upon your life which has not been fulfilled I command it to come alive in Jesus name.

When Daniel prayed, God sent an answer but angels of darkness seized the prayer but now I decree, non of your answered prayers shall be seized in Jesus name.

No weapon projected from darkness shall come close to you in Jesus name.

You shall live long like Methuselah and enjoy the fruits of your labor in Jesus name.

No strange death shall see you in the mighty name of Jesus.

Any voice speaking against your destiny, I command it to seize now in Jesus name.

You shall be favoured in your business

You shall be favoured in your relationship

You shall be favoured in your work place

You shall be favoured in your office

In the mighty name of Jesus.

No king will ask for your head like John the Baptist in Jesus name.

I pray that the Grace of God Will cover you all the days of your life in Jesus name.

Make this declaration with faith and share with your friends.Your breakthrough is near remain blessed.

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