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Call God these Beautiful names and he will Open Every Closed Doors in your Life

Great friends in Christ, today instead of Praying, we are going to thank God for our lives, that of our family, friends by calling him sweet names to glorify God, praise God and honor him for keeping us alive and I declare that God will open every close doors in your life. Amen

1. Jesus is Lord

2. Lord Jesus Christ

3. Lord of all

4. Lord of Glory

5. Lord of lords

6. Lord of peace

7. The Man

8. Master of the sea

9. Mediator

10. Messiah

11. Merciful God

12. Mighty God

13. Morning Star

14. Nazarene

15. Passover

16. Pillar of fire

17. Power and wisdom of God

18. Power for salvation 123. Priest forever

19. Prince of Life

20. Prince of peace

21. Rabboni

22. Ransom

23. Redeemer

24. Rescuer from present evil age

25. Radiance of God's glory

26. Resurrector and lite

27. Rising Sun

28. Rock of Ages

29. Root of David

30. Root of David's line

31. Root of Jesse

32. Ruler of the kings of the earth

33. Ruler and Saviour

34. Salt of the earth

35. Saviour

Also I will advise that you choose any worshipsongs of your choice and declare that God Open Closed door in your Life and that of your family And God will answer your prayers if you believe type God open Every close doors in my life.

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Jesus Jesus Christ Messiah The Man


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