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Powerful Prayer For Kingdom Fruitfulness For This Week.

Fruitfulness is the fulfillment of God's purpose for man (Gen 1: 28) and it comes as a result of being faithful to the Kingdom principles of fruitfulness. Any fully devoted believer is a fruitful believer. From this anchor scripture 'Psalm 1: 1-3' it was clearly stated, those principles that will aid out fruitfulness.

For us to achieve this kingdom fruitfulness we need to be Obedient, Obedience is the bed rock of fruitfulness. We also need to be at our divine location to acquire the fruitfulness. The divine location has boundaries and boutiques which we will all enjoy.

When I talk of fruitfulness I don't only mean for pregnant women, we can be fruitful in our place of work, academic, society and so many other places . We should pray with the following points:

* To be free from the slave of sin so as to be among those qualified to receive the Kingdom fruitfulness.

*Grace not to go back to old sinful life that doesn't acknowledge God.

* For your blessings to reach you not only to be heard.

* To be among those that will obtain this kingdom fruitfulness and it will remain with you and your family forever.

*That place that you really need God's fruitfulness in your life pray to God about it.

* Commit this week into God's hands your going out and coming in, whatever you eat nothing shall harm you.

* Pray For God's healing grace upon his children everywhere and anyone you that is sick. Even this Virus won't harm you.

* Commit this week into God's hand good news shall come your way. AMEN.

As we go about our normal business this week, let us have this consciousness in us that our ability to bear Kingdom fruit lies in the place of fruitfulness in Kingdom Principles. Please share to your loved ones family, friends and enemies. Remain Blessed.

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