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The Power and Effects of Time

The Oxford English dictionary defined time as what is measured in minutes, hours, days etc.

According to the Cambridge English dictionary, time is the system of those sequestial relations that any event has to any other, as present, past, or future. It is an indefinite and continuous duration regarded as that in which event succeed one another.

In life, everything and everyone has its own time. "when a seed is planted, give it time and watch it grow and produce seed. 

When a child is born, with time he or she begins to sit, crawl, stand, walk and run.

Before we take any step in life, we should always think and give it time.

You are from a poor family and they say, nobody in your family can make it, give it time and work hard. They said you are useless, smile and tell them to give you time. 

A brother joined your church for six months and is up and doing in every activities of the Church and for that reason you want him to head an organization, watch him and give him time.

You just met each other and you are already in love and willing to get married, just give it a little more time. You get pregnant out of wedlock and you are regarded as the most useless being and called all sorts of names, just smile and tell them to give you time.

You are myopic and cannot see the future in life, give it time. You think you are barren and can never have a child, just give it time.

Your mates are doing so well and here you are, just give it time. You are fat, short, ugly and whatsoever and cannot get married just give it time, you want God to do something for you and it's not coming after fasting and prayer, just give it time for Time heals all wounds. 

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