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Pastor Adeboye's Early Morning Message and Prayer Points For Monday 20/7/2020 (Open Heavens)

The title of this morning message is, Wages of Sin

The text is taken from Ezekiel 18:20-24

The Bible made it clear that sin has deadly consequences.

Looking at the way people play with sin today, it is either they are ignorant of this, or they just choose not to care about what God is saying.

The wages of sin is death. Any form of death that has ever been recorded on earth come as a direct result of sin.

Before sin came into the world, there was no death, it never existed, but now it is reigning supreme because sin has taken over the whole world.

There are three categories of death in the Bible

The first is the physical death which many thought is the only form of death. Physical death can come through sickness, meaning that sickness is an agent of death.

Today Coronavirus has claimed the lives of many who are not supposed to die at this time, as a result of sin which is prevalent in the world.

The second form of death is material death. That is poverty.

In Deuteronomy 28:15-24, God told the children of Israel if they fail to obey him, which is if they sin, they will have poverty to no end.

The third form of death is spiritual death. This is the worst of them all. It means separation from God.

Adam and Eve experienced this in the Garden of Eden when they disobeyed God.

It is a terrible thing to be separated from God, for it will open the door for the devil and his agents to swoop in and take over such a life.

Why should we embrace sin? It looks pleasant and more enjoyable, but we must know that it is bait the devil wants to use to catch us.

Look at what he did for Adam and Eve in the garden; he made the forbidden fruit appear to be the only thing they needed.

It was after they ate the fruit that they realized what they have done.

Whichever way you look at sin, it is bad. It holds no good reward for us at all.

That is why we must avoid it in all its ramifications.

Jesus came into this world for that purpose, for no one can successfully overcome the power of sin without the help of Jesus.

When you accept Him today, He will give you power to live above sin, and to embrace the new life God ordained for you through His death and resurrection.

The Bible says the blood of Jesus cleanses from all sins. That's splendid.

Pray the following prayers fervently before you go into today.

1. Father, thank you for waking me up this morning.

2. Thank you for loving me so much that you came to this world to save me.

3. Father, help me to be conscious of the consequences of sins and to avoid it completely.

4. Father, give me power and grace to overcome temptations as they come my way.

5. Father, deliver me from untimely death. Don't let me die before my time.

6. Father, deliver me from material death. Help me never to attract curses to my life.

7. Father, deliver me from spiritual death. Don't let me be separated from you.

8. Father, purge me, and wash me clean with the blood of Jesus.

9. Father, don't let me join the multitude to do evil. Don't let me joke with sin.

10. You are the resurrection and the life, every good thing that has died in my life let them come to life.

11. As I go into this day, keep me and my family under the shadow of your wing.

12. None of the evil that has been programmed into today will overcome us in Jesus name.

I pray for you today that sin shall not have dominion over you in Jesus name.

Good morning.

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