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3 Kind Of Movies A True Christians Must Not Watch

As Christians, there are a lot of videos we should not even spend our time watching. We should avoid watching movies that will defile us and give the Devil an edge over our lives. Here are 3 categories of movies that a true Christian should not watch-

1. Action Movies

Many may feel that action movies are not bad but it doesn't give us spiritual inspiration. We only feed our eyes and it affects our mental capability. At times it puts fear in us because of a particularly important character that was brutally killed. Children who are supposed to be brought up in the way of the Lord (like Samuel) are spending their time practicing what they learned in those movies.

2. Pornography

This is a very evil film to watch and it is from the pit of Hell. There are some youths today who cannot spend hours watching a Christian movie but they can spend hours watching different pornographic clips on the internet. The internet is blessed with many of those videos and cannot even be exhausted. As Christians, it is not good for us to watch those movies because they defile our minds. We could develop the hunger to practice those things they do there when it is not yet time.

3. Horror Movies

Horror movies do not inspire us; they only scare us. Some people watch these kinds of films and they start to have nightmares, sleepless nights, and evil hallucinations. They affect us psychologically and we do not even have time to serve God. As Christians, we must avoid those kinds of movies because they have no positive effect on us spiritually.

In conclusion, we should ensure that we caution ourselves and feed our eyes with gospel movies. We should also watch morally good movies that we will learn a lot from it. We should also ensure that our young ones abstain from watching these kinds of movies. It is very important for us as Christians.

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