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Declare These Prayers Before You Set Out This Weekend

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My Lord, my God ! Glory, honour and adoration be unto your holy name, I give thanks and praises to your name for what you did for me and my family members last night, you protected us from all evils, you didn't allow any evil circumstances to cross our ways, we slept well and we are able to wake up well, hale and hearty, may your holy name be exalted forever and ever.

My Eternal Rock of Ages, I commit my myself, my family members and all my endeavors into your able hands this morning, please, have show your mercy to us. Cover us with your precious blood. Be with us, protect and deliver us from all perils of the day, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Oh Lord, don't let me and my family members fall victims of Kidnapping, banditry insurgency, armed robbery, stray bullet and untimely death, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Oh Lord, fight my life battles for me, don't let my enemies overcome me, give me victory over them, let all weapons fashion against me be backfired, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Oh Lord my refuge, strength and fortress, uphold me physically, spiritually, financially, and morally, don't let me go stray, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Oh Lord, you are my great Provider, remember me for good, provide for all my needs according to your riches in glory, in Christ Jesus, don't let me suffer for food, money and other basic needs of life, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Oh Lord, link me up to where I will be able to be relevant to others, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Oh Lord, arise and perfect all that concern me, give good health, in the name of Jesus Christ

Oh Lord, should Jesus Christ comes before this day is over, please count me worthy for your everlasting kingdom.

Thank you Lord for answering all my prayers, in Jesus Christ mighty and unfailing name I prayed. Amen.

May God bless your weekend.

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