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Should Christians Keep The Ten Commandments Under This Dispensation Of Grace?

Read Deuteronomy 5 : 1- 22.

God gave children of Israel ten commandments to keep through their leader, Moses. The commandments were put in place by God to define their responsibility to Him, as living God and to guide their actions and reactions against one another. The first four commandments indicated the duties of the children of Israel to their God while the remaining six commandments indicated their duties and responsibilities to one another.

Those words in the book of Deuteronomy 5 verses 1 to 22 were spoken by God to Moses, who had to write them down for the children of Israel to see and read. Actually, these commandments of God were specifically given to the children of Israel, not quite long, they left the shore of Egypt and they were going to inherit the land of Canaan which God had earlier promised their forefathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, mind you, the children of Israel were the descendants of Jacob , grandson of Abraham, infact, his' (Jacob) name was changed to Isreal by God Himself. Therefore, the commandments are meant for the children of Israel.

Meanwhile, as God unfolded His grand plan for the mankinds through Jesus Christ, who came not to abolish the law but to fulfill it, the ten commandments are parts of the law of God for the children of Israel through Moses. Therefore, all the law of God for children of Israel and mankinds had been fulfilled in and by Jesus Christ, who later compressed the ten commandments into just two, these are, love your God and your neighbours as yourself. (Matthew 22 : 36 - 40). You see, when you love God, you will not worship other gods, you will not call the name of God in vain, you will not make and bow down for any graven image and you will remember to keep the Lord's Day holy, mind you, not Sabbath day again but Sunday which is the Lord's Day because Jesus Christ had fulfilled Sabbath day worship, which had to do with shedding of animal's blood which Jesus Christ made had fulfilled for mankinds once and for all on the cross of calvary, therefore, Sabbath day is not tenable under this dispensation of grace. If anyone should worship God on Saturday, which is the Sabbath day, one must be ready to make sacrifice through animal's blood.

Furthermore, when you love your neighborhood as yourself, you will respect your honour your parents and elderly ones, you will not kill, commit adultery, steal, covet tell lies, make false accusations against your neighbours.

One can deduce from the above Bible teaching that Christians still keep the ten commandments under the laid down principles of Jesus Christ, that is, loving your God and your neighbours as yourself.

May God Almighty instill in your heart, His love and that if your neighbours, in the name of Jesus Christ.

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