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25 Facts About The Holy Quran.

The Quran is a book with significance and requires a lot of knowledge to completely understand its content. However, here I have gathered some facts about the holy Quran.

1. There are 6,666 verses are in Holy Qur’an

2. The word ‘Qur’an’ repeated is repeated 70 times in the Holy Qur’an

3. Milk is the best drink mentioned in Holy Qur’an

4. Honey is the best eatable thing mentioned in Holy Quran

5.Suratu Kauthar is the shortest Sura of Holy Qur’an

6. The most disliked thing by Allah though Halal is Divorce

7. Alif is the most used letter in Holy Quran

8. Zaa is the least used letter in the Holy Qur’an

9. Elephant is the biggest animal mentioned in Holy Qur’an

10. Mosquito is the smallest animal mentioned in Holy Qur’an

11. There are 42 words in the smallest Sura (kausar) of Holy Qur’an?

12. Sura Fatiha of Holy Quran is called the mother of Qur’an

13. Five Suras start with Al-Hamdulillah [ Fatihah, Anaam, Kahf, Saba & Fatir ]

14. How many Sura’s name is only one letter? Ans = Three [ Qaf, Sad & Noon ]

15. Four Suras start with word ‘Inna ‘ [ Sura Fatha, Nuh,Qadr, Kausar ]

16. 86 Suras are revealed in Mecca.

17. 28 Suras are revealed in Medina

18. Which Sura is from the name of tribe of Holy Prophet?. Ans= Quraish

19. Sura Yaseen is called the heart of Holy Qur’an

20. In which Sura is the name of Allah repeated only five times? Ans=Hajj

21. Sura Ahzab is the name of one Holy war

22. Sura Hadeed is the name of one metal

23. Suratu Rahman is called ‘Aroos-ul-Qur’an (the Bride of the Qur’an)

24. Suratu Al-Ikhlas is considered as 1/3 of holy Qur’an.

25. Suratu Fatiha was revealed twice.

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