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Why Muslims & Christians Should Totally Adhere as Ogun Police Warns Them Against Praying In Forests

According to reports, the Nigerian police force in Ogun state has Warned Christians and Muslims against praying in the forest.

This warning given by the police has really caused a lot of mixed reactions online and many kicked against it. But I feel one reason why many kicked against it, is because they misinterpreted it in one way or the order. This warning is definitely for the betterment of the society and safety of all Nigerians, but many sees it as being a fight against religions.

Here are some reasons why all Nigerians should adhere to this:

It is for your own good: The first reason why both Muslim and Christiana should adhere to this is because, the warning is definitely for your own good or benefit. It is not a fight against religion. According to the police command, most bandits and other terrorists use these forests as hiding place. Going there to pray will definitely give the bandits quick access to you. Imagine if you eventually go to pray in one of these forests, and you get kidnapped or killed in the process. We all know that these bandits are capable of harming people, and I think all Nigerians should cooperate with the police. 

Photo credited: Daily post and Alarmy.

God can hear your prayers even in your closet: God is omnipresence, and he can hear your prayers from anywhere. You must not pray in the forest to be heard. Even if you pray in your house, he will still hear you. There is no need going to risk your life in the forest all in the name of prayer. 

Your cooperation with the police will go along way to frustrate the activities of bandits. Both Christians and Muslims should adhere to this warning.

As a reader, what do you have to say about this?

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